5 ways to keep your skin healthy, wealthy and hydrated

Healthy skin is choice of every person. Everyone wants to keep their skin healthy, but in today’s atmosphere it is hard to do so. Because of increasing pollution our skin is getting affected when we go out. It is necessary to protect our skin if we want to look beautiful as we all are. So to keep your skin healthy follow the steps:-


As global warming is increasing the sun rays directly comes to the earth because of ozone depletion and these rays are harmful for the skin. So, while going out in sun always apply sunscreen to your body so that it helps you to keep away from the effects of sun on the skin.


The makeup products you apply on the skin contains chemical and regular use of makeup made our skin dull so, to keep your skin healthy always remove your makeup at night and wash your skin with cold water. Then apply aloe vera gel to your skin. Aloe vera gel helps to get the glow back and also help to keep our skin healthy.


Water is essential part of life. Our body is 70% made up of water and it is necessary to drink proper water so that our body maintain the balance of water and made our skin healthy. To make the skin happy and healthy drink more and more water you can.


Salad is low in calories, high in fiber and rich in nutrition. So it helps the body to get rid of extra fat and make the skin healthy. Try to eat 1 bowl of salad every day so that you can provide the necessary nutrients to the body and keep the body and skin healthy.


While going out cover your skin and face properly so that the sun and pollution do not affect the skin. The rays coming from the sun cause skin cancer. But if we cover our skin properly the sun do not directly come into contact with our skin. So, covering of body and skin help to prevent our body from rays and also there is no chance of tanning on the skin. Always remind to cover the skin with the cloth and then go out.

If you want a healthy skin follow the above step and you'll feel the difference.

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