The ultimate guide to reduce Belly fat

Belly fat is a major cause of concern for most of the people nowadays. With unhealthy diet habits and other factors, people find it difficult to reduce the belly fat. Here, in this article, we’ll discuss how to reduce belly fat.

What is belly fat?

The excess fat gained around the stomach area is termed as belly fat. In scientific terms, it is also known as Visceral fat or abdominal fat.

Risks of belly fat

A little bit of fat is not a cause for concern. However, if you have gained an excess amount of fat then it is a real cause of worry.

The belly fat could give rise to diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases, and other obesity-related diseases.

Reasons why people gain belly fat

Lazy Lifestyle

Yes, lazy lifestyle is one of the main reasons why people tend to gain belly fat. As people today want comfort and everything is accessible just on one click, the workout is becoming very rare.

One should walk for one hour or 3 km’s in the morning to stay active and healthy. The walk not only reduce belly fat but also has many other benefits.

Eating junk food

Junk food or fast food is available easily and is ready to eat. One doesn’t need to do any extra efforts to feed the hunger.

But the content in junk food could give rise to belly fat. If you are following a lazy lifestyle and also eating a lot of junk food then chances are that you’ll gain belly fat.

Keep a check on how much junk food you are eating. Don’t keep on eating if you are not hungry. Eat junk food only when you are hungry and there is no other alternative. Try to avoid the intake of junk food.

Intake of sugary products

Foods that are high on sugar result in increasing the belly fat. Always Keep a check on your sugar intake for the day.

There are two type of sugar that a food contains

Glucose is natural and good for human body. Fructose is not good.

Foods that you can eat to meet the sugar requirement of the body: Tomatoes, Mushrooms, salmon, fruits, plain yogurt.

Belly fat in male and female

Belly Fat is different in male and female. Let’s have a look at the difference:

In males, the fat is stored in the abdomen area but in females, it is stored in buttocks, thighs, and hips. But, when women reach menopause, fat move from buttocks, thighs, and hips to waist.

In men, after the age of 40, excess calorie intake directly result in the increasing the belly fat. As after the age of 40, the level of testosterone decreases naturally, so fat becomes easier to gain.

In women, the main reasons to gain belly fat are

  • Heredity: It could be heredity
  • Hormonal changes: After menopause, the natural hormonal changes could result in gaining belly fat

Ways to get rid of belly fat

Here, I will discuss two different ways by which you can reduce belly fat.

  1. By Diet
  2. By Exercise

By Diet

Here are the ways you can reduce belly fat by diet

Reduce consumption of Alcohol

You might have heard it many times that alcohol leads to weight gain, Here is how it actually could result in weight gain.

A typical glass of Alcohol (100 ml) contains about 90 calories and these are not healthy minerals or vitamins. These result in weight gain. While preparing alcohol from fruits, most of the sugar is converted into alcohol.

Reducing the consumption of alcohol means avoiding empty calories that you are getting into your body.

High-Protein Diet

Protein intake is effective during the weight loss journey.

Protein helps you feel satisfied even after hours of eating as it reduces the production of the hunger hormone called ‘ghrelin‘.

A high-protein diet releases high energy which helps in keeping you stay away from junk food that you might consider eating in hunger and also it prevents muscle loss. You’ll only lose fat.

Less intake of sugary foods

Processed fruit drinks, energy drinks that are available in the market easily are high in sugar content. The intake of sugar might give a temporary boost to your energy but will ultimately result in gaining fat.

Energy Drinks Might give a short-term energy boost but are major cause of increased anxiety, headache

So, avoid the intake of sugary foods as much as you can in order to help you in achieve your weight loss goals.

To balance the sugar needs of your body you can eat fruits like Apple.

Less Carbohydrates

You are not required to cut the intake of Carbohydrates completely. Carbohydrates consist of fiber, starch, and sugar.

Cutting the carbohydrates completely means relying on fat and proteins for body’s energy requirements. A complete neglect of carbohydrates could make you feel fatigued during your weight loss journey. So, don’t cut out completely.

Replace foods like rice, bread, potato with healthy vegetables like cauliflower.

Eat Calcium rich food

Calcium-rich food not only strengthens the bone structure but also help you in your weight loss journey. A study of 100+ obese women who intake a high calcium diet shows that it prevents weight gain in them.

So, eating a Calcium-rich diet will help you manage weight loss more effectively as you are choosing more healthy foods over the high calorie – low nutrition ones.

By Exercise

Below are the ways you can reduce belly fat by exercise


Doing plank is effective in reducing belly fat

Start with doing a 10 seconds plank from day 1 and slowly increase the duration.

Do it in 3 sets. Means: 3 sets of 10 seconds each.

When you are comfortable with 10 seconds, try to increase and push yourself. Set challenges for yourself and try to achieve the results better than the previous day.


Meditation has many benefits and will be the most productive in your journey to reduce belly fat. It relaxes your mood and ends your craving for fast or junk food. It also helps you to concentrate on your goals rather than diverting your mind to other things that could become roadblocks in your fat to fit journey.

Meditation also improves the sleep quality. Better the sleep more active you’ll be the next day for a healthy workout.

Meditation in morning will improve sleep quality

Time: Meditate in the morning for 30 minutes.


20 crunches daily help in reducing fat and strengthen core muscles

Crunches have many forms and these are highly beneficial in reducing belly fat. The muscle involved is the target muscle that you need to shed fat from.

How to do: You can start off with 3 sets and in each set do 10 repetitions.

If you are not able to do at first, just put-in a bit of effort and try to raise a bit from the ground level. Do as many repetitions as possible in the beginning. Slowly, increase the number of repetitions.


Cycling for 1 hour will help burn 1000 calories

Cycling not only help you reduce the belly fat but you can actually do this without especially taking out time from your busy schedule. You can cycle to your workplace, university. This will save your time and is also fruitful in your journey to reduce fat.

Duration: You can cycle for 10-20 minutes in the beginning and increase it slowly to 30-40 minutes.

Check after how much time you feel tired. When you are comfortable with doing cycling for 1 hour a day then try to increase and cycle twice a day.

You don’t need to do intense cycling for the whole duration. Just cycle at normal speed and in-between you can increase the speed and then slow-down to make your breath normal.


Slow running for long distance is advised for building stamina

Running shed the fat faster and involves the whole body muscles.

How to do: You can start off with slow running for 10 minutes a day. Don’t push things too fast, you need to build stamina first.

Slow and steady increase the duration. Remember slow running will help you in building the stamina.

On alternate days or 2 days a week you can opt for sprinting.

Useful Tips

Remember to do a proper warm-up before a workout session. Warm-up till your whole body starts sweating.

Never go to bed immediately after the workout

Also, do 10 minutes of cooling down exercises after the workout.

Concluding Note

You need to set a goal and start working towards completing the goal. Set intermediate goals like running for 10 minutes a day and slowly cut down on the sugar intake and junk food.

When you’ll see the results, you’ll become motivated and become serious towards your goal of a healthy lifestyle.

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About the author

Rishabh bansal is a gym freak and fitness enthusiast. He loves to share his knowledge about various fitness techniques and diet preferences to stay fit. Apart from fitness, he is also the author of book 'Brand marketing on Instagram'